Academic Esports Conference & Expo October 19 - 21, 2020

What you can expect at the
Academic Esports Conference & Expo

K-12 and Higher Education students

Content Dedicated to Both
K-12 and higher education

K-12 schools and higher education institutions have many similarities and differences when it comes to the structure, goals and needs to launch and maintain successful esports initiatives. Participate in sessions dedicated to your school level plus sessions covering areas of shared interest among all levels — and know you are getting quality content relevant to you!

Best in Field Experts
Esports is rapidly growing and has the reputation of being a whole new frontier that schools need to explore due to its popularity among students and success thus far. We’ve partnered with pioneers in K-12 and higher ed who are at the forefront of launching and maintaining programs, starting associations, and covering the ever-changing environment of gaming and gaming in education settings

Best in Field Presenters

Colleague Collaboration & Networking
You’ll have dedicated time to strategize and share insights with colleagues who are all passionate and committed to finding new ways to promote student engagement, recruit new students, generate revenue and develop this new initiative. This is your chance to connect with others who are all spearheading the development of academic esports.

Meet with Startups and Advanced Providers
Whether you’re just getting started or your program is already up and running, it’s crucial to be up to date on what’s available on the market, what will take your esports program to the next level, and the ins and outs of the crucial tech you need to run a successful program. Meet with top solution providers to get hands-on and in-depth with the technology and services available.

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